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Free computer Security: Advantages And Disadvantages

Why do you need free computer security?

When you buy a computer it is your duty to ensure that it is fully protected with antivirus software. Failure to do so can be both expensive and troublesome to both yourself and others, especially if your computer is used by hackers to spread their malicious code to other pc users without your knowledge.

Some security software is charged, where you are expected to pay for the services either annually or monthly. Other security tools are provided on a freeware basis, possibly being paid for by advertisers that show their adverts within the security software.



If you wish to use the free choice then here are 3 of the best free computer security software downloads to consider, along with their advantages and disadvantages:




The antivirus does not interfere with the normal function of the system and hence offers excellent protection against malware content and protects your data as well. It also has a backup system that safeguards your data and files from loss.


The antivirus is somewhat vulnerable in terms of its protection against phishing activities and rootkits.





The antivirus is known to offer excellent protection to the system against phishing. It is designed with an autopilot mode that ensures that it is in a silent mode and invisible as well.

This type of antivirus is also known to be quite effective in protecting computers from some of the more dangerous viruses.


This type of antivirus is however not compatible with many systems and the installation of its files can take a long time.




This software is readily available and compatible with many computer systems. It offers excellent protection by blocking malware before it enters the system.

It is also quite fast in detecting threats, and if any files in the system are affected, the antivirus blocks the files automatically.


Sometimes the software can experience slow function or even a complete stop. It may also sometimes fail to completely remove some malware from the system as well.




The above are some of the best free computer security software products to use. However there are a huge range of free computer security reviews sites that are worth checking out for further information.

Finally, to help you choose a service that’s right for you, make sure you enter your name and email into the box top right before you leave the page.